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CRITICAL Forest medicinal plant Program

Living Pharmacy

Creating a living pharmacy

Forest Medicine

Living Pharmacy is the most recent version of our Forest Medicine program, reflecting our long standing interest in and experience with the medicinal plants native to the Atlantic Rainforest. Many people in our local community are well versed in the ways of plant lore and plant medicines, and our goal is to learn from them and with them, and to help preserve this indigenous knowledge.

At the same time, we are part of a nation-wide network managed by Brazil’s top Health Research Foundation Fiocruz which aims to catalog medicinal plants in every biome, as well as encouraging local communities to work sustainably with medicinal plants.

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As part of this network we have recently opened our newly renovated laboratory to community members in a series of workshops where together we experiment with making natural products based on the medicinal plants in the region. By valuing these plants, we’ll be valuing biodiversity conservation, and our long term goal is to work with the local community to produce and market soaps, lotions, shampoo and cleaning products. These can form the basis for developing a cottage industry, benefiting both the forest, and the forest people

native species trees raised in our forest nursery and planted
researchers, students and volunteers
farm families passed through our training programs
people impacted in the nine counties bordering the State Park
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